Before Rimbaud and strange drawings of Pablo Picasso, I did not understand why the sound of a word and his graphics always seemed to me a color.

Curiously, the dictionary gives this definition: " to write: to express the sounds of the word or the opinion by means of an agreed system of graphic signs ".

Indeed, the first demonstration of expression of the man after the cry, is a drawing, then the sign and finally of this sign, the codified writing.
Thus we all proceed and in a genetic way with the same language.

But it is starting from this agreed code that the man to penetrate itself of a certain idea of Art,
will use the vector most sensitive to its own desires.
I.e., after having acquired the language, to be itself will to sublimate its life while entering in the process of creation.

Rimbaud, the first, had had a presentiment of in its " vowels " another Poetic possibility thanks to the color.
In his turn, Vladimir Kandinsky affirmed thatArt is a " interior need ".

It is true that the powerful desire to find the best of yourself often leads to a faculty of perception of the things, often hidden to most of people.

Modestly, mine consists in looking in me by means of painting, that of the Poet to be written..

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